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Sodaec | Society for drug abuse Enlightement and Control


  • Many communities are plagued with problem of drug and substance abuse among youth. Some children start drug abuse, smoking or chewing tobacco at an early age, aided by easy access to drug and tobacco products. Many of our youth, with limited supervision or few positive alternatives, abuse drug and illicit substance. Other youth, influenced by their peers, use other illicit drugs.
  • Our youth suffer from substance abuse in familiar ways: diminished health, compromised school and work performance, and reduced opportunities for development. Our communities also bear a heavy burden for adolescent substance abuse. Widespread use and abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs by teens can result in increased accidents, health costs, violence, crime, and an erosion of their future potential as workers and citizens.

  • It is in response of the situation, the organization was formed to address the problem.

About us

The organization was established in June, 2013 and resgistered on the 15 October, 2014 an Mr. Ahmad Musa Umar was appointed the Executive Director/CEO for the Organization.


  1. Identify people with drug use disorders, potential outreach sites for the purpose of enlightenment and counseling as a community-risk-reduction efforts targeting out-of-treatment drug users.
  2. Develop new and improved treatments to help people with substance use disorders and mental health challenges achieve and maintain a meaningful and sustained recovery
  3. Promote research and develop new and improved strategies to prevent drug use and its consequences

Vision Statement

With the help of its strategic structure which defines with clarity all its programs, the organization works;

  1. Its programs, the organization works;
  2. To create safe streets in our communities,
  3. To promote a decent and secured society
  4. To create peace in the neighborhood.

Mission Statement

  1. To reduce the use and abuse of illicit drugs, substance, tobacco, and alcohol among adolescents through a comprehensive approach to prevention.
  2. To reduce redundancy and violence among youth through a comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevention.
  3. To serve as a catalyst for bringing peace development to our neighborhoods.

My Story

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