What We Do

Since its inception, the organization has proven to be one of the innovative and efficient organizations in Nigeria with unique approaches aim at reducing the cost of drug abuse in the country.
From the onset of its emergence, SODAEC laid out with clarity its priorities for its campaigns against drug abuse. It has designated five priorities which include:
1.Enlightenment: The organization has been conducting public enlightenment programs on drug abuse and impacted positively on its target audience and the society as a whole. Its enlightenment programs led to the closure of many places before its emergence were used either for selling or abusing illicit drugs and psychoactive substances in some communities particularly in Kaduna State, Nigeria. This also led to the formation of volunteer vigilante groups in the communities with the view to maintaining the impacts and successes recorded.
2.Rehabilitation: This priority aims at several options of rehabilitation, including clinical detoxification program to people who have become dependent of illicit drugs or substance of abuse.
3.Data Collection: The organization launched this program in 2016 with a target for collecting a comprehensive and credible data of drug abuse in the country. This includes bio-data of individual drug user, hotspots of drug abuse and selling spots of illicit drugs and substances.
Those priorities constitute the framework of any strategic plan and are reflected in the Organization’s structure.
Target of change
Potential targets of change include;
a. all adolescents as well as those adolescents who are at particular risk to substance abuse.
b. those whose actions contribute to the problem, such as peers, adults, parents, caregivers, service providers, teachers, merchants who sell tobacco and alcohol, drug dealers, and elected or appointed officials.
c. all those in a position to contribute to the solution, such as peers, parents and caregivers, and the business community.
d. those who have a responsibility to contribute to the solution, including peers, parents, caregivers, service providers, teachers, business people, religious leaders, and elected and appointed officials.
The Organization also has been explicit about its plan to operate in any place conducive for its programs which may include:
•Schools: Primary, Secondary and higher institution.
•Orientation camps for members of National Youth Service Corps
•Internally Displaced Persons’ Camps
•Places of worships and religious assembled centers
•Prison yards
•Rehabilitation centers, etc.
We have added sports and entertainments and other forms of collective expressions of human values to SODAEC toolbox. These celebrations of humanity noble yearnings can be of greater help in carrying the organization’s messages far, and SODAEC should make every effort to use them to that end.
The organization’s programs have been aired on various media outlets across the country and have been gaining supports both nationally and internationally; notable among them is the BBC Media Action.