Who We Are

Society for Drug Abuse Enlightenment & Control (SODAEC) was established in June, 2013 as an advocacy platform against the menace of drug abuse that has gotten momentum among youths and adults, and which has resulted to ravages beyond reinstatement to most families in the society today.
The organization has constituted a high level group of experts with a mandate to explore the roots of drug abuse in the society and to recommend practical programs of action to address this issue.
The report of the group provided analysis and put forward practical recommendations that form the basis for the implementation plan of the organization.
On the 15th October 2014, the Organization was registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission and Mr. Ahmad Musa Umar was appointed the Executive Director/CEO for the Organization.
The Organization proposes a global network of partners including states, international and regional organizations, foundations, and the private sector to improve its relations with diverse nations and communities towards achieving its set goals.
The Organization identified three focal areas for action, which include: Enlightenment, Rehabilitation, research/Data Collection. The organization’s project activities fashioned around those areas, which can play a critical role in helping to reduce substance abuse and by extension criminal activities in the communities.
Vision statement
With the help of its strategic structure which defines with clarity all its programs, the organization works;
a. To creating drug and crime free society through public enlightenment
b. To develop new and improved strategies to prevent drug use and its consequences
c. To develop new and improved treatments to help people with substance use disorders achieve and maintain a meaningful and sustained recovery
Mission statement
a. “To reduce the use and abuse of illicit drugs, substance, tobacco, and alcohol among adolescents through a comprehensive approach to prevention.”
b. To reduce redundancy and violence among youth through a comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevention.”
c. To serve as a catalyst for bringing peace and development to our neighborhoods.”
a. Help communities recognize the consequences of substance use and abuse and help establish prevention as a major community focus.
b. Clarify and provide the process necessary to build a successful community coalition that involves all relevant sectors of the community in prevention of drug abuse.
c. Promote coordination and use of existing prevention services
d. Fill existing gaps in services identified by the coalition.
e.Use the media to promote public awareness of the consequences of drug abuse and help establish prevention as
a major community focus.
f. Enhance grassroots involvement in prevention efforts.
g. Promote coordination and integration of existing services and
resources for preventing drug abuse.
h. Advocate for changes in programs and policies related to drug
abuse and its prevention.