In 2016, the organization launched its ongoing data collection exercise, to get accurate data of drug users, hotspots of abuse, where the users assemble to abuse drugs, and the selling spots of the illicit drugs. This entails locations where newbies are introduced to the use of the substances as part of initiations, trafficking on these hazardous drugs, selling and buying in both small and large quantities. In respect to this, is the need for a survey which is embarked upon by the organization to further assimilate the fundamental causes of this phenomenon based on age, gender, educational and employment status. The organization goes to extra mile to determine the types of drugs these abusers use and their after effects. Through this program, the organization has collected data of over one thousand (1,000) drug users and has tracked a number of hotspots and selling spots of illicit drugs and psychoactive substances in only one local government in Kaduna State.             In order for accurate, credible and reliable data to be obtained during the exercise, SODAEC takes along GPS codes to track these hotspots of narcotics and substance transactions through using its designed form and database. Although this intervention is being carried out in Kaduna State at the moment, but it will subsequently cover other states thorough out the federation, sing the Kaduna State template. The program is tagged National Drug Abuse Data Bank.